Frequently Asked Questions

Sangria in Spanish means ‘blood’, and is an alcoholic beverage originating from the Iberian Peninsula (Spain & Portugal) which is made of wine, water, sugar, citrus fruits and spices. In 2014 the European Union issued a law defining what Sangria is and how it should be labelled.

Sangría/Sangria means blood in Spanish. The reason for this is that traditionally red wine would be used and blended with local citrus fruits and each family’s special selection of spices.

Making the worlds most famous cocktail.

Sangria Republic is made from a blend of spring water, wine, concentrated grape juice, natural flavours and citric acid together with bubbles! 

Yes, in fact we have trademarked them.

No, the rule instructs that sangria have an actual alcoholic strength by volume of not less than 4,5 % vol., and less than 12 % vol.

Yes! Sangria Republic uses organic, natural, gluten-free and vegan ingredients.

Yes, as the wine we use contains sulphites.

Because we pasteurize, you may enjoy it up two years after it´s been produced. The batch code, found on the bottom of cans, can help you identify the production date.

Yes. As a recommendation, you may try our Yuzu Sangria with your favorite Vodka or the Grapefruit Sangria with your favorite Gin. Use your imagination and share with all of us you own recipes in our Instagram @sangriarepublic.